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How Can I Calculate shortest distance between any two cities or places within a city?

City Meter helps you calculate travel distance between any two place, Simply use our distance calculator. Enter your Source and Destination above and press Calculate. We will also suggest the best travel path for you.

How can I calculate travel fare?

City Meter also provides you various stats about the travel and transport, Our optimised engine gives you the best Travel Cost estimate

How should I travel And How can choose among the transport options ?

Distance calculator of City Meter gives you the stats of transportation facts like Travel Cost estimate, Time Estimate, Shortest path etc. So that you can easily choose your transport based on your comforts.

How do I find my current location ?

CityMeter has a location tracker engine. We can detect your exact location based on your IP and GPS you have to just enable the location permission in the browser.

How is the weather of my destination?

City meter gives you the weather condition reports about your destination, And also tells you the best time and date to travel to the place. Learn how to turn your location permission - Distance Calculator

Distance calculator is an engine by the best engineers to find you best travel path.

If you are confused which travel mode will be appropriate for you Our distance calculator is the right place to compare Travel Distance / Travel Time taken by various modes of transport like car,bus,train, subway etc.

We give you real facts and stats of your transport based on real world data feed, Which is gathered by our system from various data source.

How can I calculate the distance between two places via another place?

City meter is the exact solution you are looking for, We let you customise your trip and add many stops possible, And our Distance Calculator will find you the best possible path.